Reinhard Nagel
Тибет (2017)

This is the husband of Marina Nagel She was the third time responsible that I made something with paganel. this time I was interessed in Tibet because I had some experience with vipassana meditation and so also with buddishm. After the journey with Boris and Slava I have the wish to explain my deepest gratitude to Paganel to have send such good guides. Slava was always very helpful for me like the only german member of the team. Thanks to Slava very much.
With Boris I must say it was realy a special pleasure. Not only that he has a very deep sense what he was talking to the group (or also me in special) in the
different situations. He was kind intelligent and that with a big amount of humor. That means allways to say somthing what makes it for all members of our team to feel better, to save our optimism and to give an impact of everyone's motovation - this for a team of nearly 30 persons a realy high level art of guidance which I felt the first time in the last years. I congratulate You to have such a good team of
Especialy I will point of a special side of Boris and hope that in future the paganel expedition team membrs will have the same luck than I have had to see and hear and have contact with such places , people and special interesting experiences, you can only have the possibilitiy if you have such a phenomenable guide like Boris on your side. Boris in special and with Slava on his side made this expedition to an unforgetable journey to me and I the like a "mayor of paganel" I'm looking forward with great expectations to the next expeditions for me with Paganel Studio.
Thank You so much once more

Reinhard Nagel from Leipzig Germany

Страна: Тибет

Год: 2017