Polly Jazz
Килиманджаро (2018)

Hakuna Matata!
Inspired by my favorite guide in the world (with whom I've travelled to Sikkim, Bhutan and Ukrainian
Carpathes), 3 years ago I've started to dream about reaching the highest African peak - Kilimanjaro.

Not as it was the main goal for visiting Africa but It felt so right to finally try my guts and climb to 5895m
tall crater.
Relatively easy trekking til the base camp at 4720m and rather difficult ascent to the top.
The assault begun 28.11.2018 at 00.00.
12 hours walking, cold feet and fingers, dizzy feelings and unexpected altitude sickness. But what I saw
when reaching the top of the volcano...
Beautiful stars and constellations were replaced with warm and bright sunlight. The rays of sun were
playing on the shiny surface of glaciers.
The breath was taken away. For many reasons...You connect with yourself in the best way possible and
this is what I love mountains for.
And the easiest yet the most important is to stay patient and let it all be Polle Polle ( "slowly, slowly" in

Страна: Килиманджаро

Год: 2018